Will Smith List Of Movies?

Similarly, What actor has played in the most movies?

12 Famous Actors Who Have Appeared in the Most Films Samuel L. Jackson is a well-known actor (198 acting credits) Donald Sutherland is a well-known actor (199 acting credits) Danny Glover is a well-known actor (201 acting credits) Christopher Lee is a well-known actor (282 acting credits) Riehle, Richard (415 acting credits) Eric Roberts (420 acting credits) Danny Trejo (666 acting credits).

Also, it is asked, Is Will Smith still acting?

5:078:58 The actor, rapper, and executive director were given permission to stay in the Dolby Theater. More The actor, rapper, and executive director were given permission to stay in the Dolby Theater.

Secondly, Is Will Smith in a Marvel movie?

In fact, owing to the Men in Black series, he’s already featured in not one, not two, but three Marvel films. The 1997 film Men in Black, which featured Smith’s Agent J and Tommy Lee Jones’ Agent K, is based on a 1990-1991 Aircel Comics comic book series.

Also, Was I Am Legend 2 Cancelled?

There have been no rumors of I Am Legend 2 being canceled. The sequel was revealed in March 2022, and it’s still too early to tell what will happen to it in the long run. According to Deadline, Black Panther’s Michael B

People also ask, Is Willow Smith in I Am Legend?

Willow Smith as Marley Neville in I Am Legend (2007) – IMDb

Related Questions and Answers

Who plays the robot in endgame?

Marvel.com If you watched “Avengers: Age of Ultron” this summer, you may remember James Spader (“The Blacklist”) as Ultron, the malevolent robot. Spader, on the other hand, performed a lot more than merely voice the psychotic A.I., as you may not be aware. In the film, the 55-year-old actor also played out the robot’s actions.

How old is Will Smith?

53 years old (Septem.) Age / Will Smith

Will Smith 2021 net worth?

Will Smith is a well-known actor. Net Worth Increase in the Last 5 Years$375 Million Net Worth in 2022 In 2021, he will have a net worth of $340 million. In 2020, he will have a net worth of $300 million. In 2019, he has a net worth of $265 million dollars. In 2018, he had a net worth of $245 million dollars. 1 more row to go

Who is king of Hollywood?

Clark Gable’s moniker. Charles Samuels’ book The King of Hollywood: The Story of Clark Gable was published in 1962.

Who is God of acting?

Mohanlal has been dubbed the “God of Acting.” His innate acting skill is remarkable. As a result of this, he got numerous prizes and honors.

Who is best actor in the world?

The Top 25 Actors Of All Time Gian Maria Volonte is a character in the film Gian Maria Volonte. Dustin Hoffman is a well-known actor. Al Pacino is a well-known actor. Tom Hanks is a well-known actor. Gary Oldman is a well-known actor. Hoffman, Philip Seymour Leonardo DiCaprio is a well-known actor. Joaquin Phoenix is a character in the film Joaquin Phoenix.

Which movie made the most money?

So keep an eye on this space and keep an eye on our weekly weekend box office wrap-ups. $2.847 billion is the total amount of money in the world. Avatar (2009) grossed $2.798 billion dollars. Endgame is the sequel to Avengers: Infinity War (2019) $2.201 billion is the total amount of money in the world. Titanic is a ship that sank in (1997) $2.070 billion is the total amount of money in the world. The Force Awakens is the sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015) $2.048 billion is the total amount of money in the world. Avengers: Infinity War is a film based on the Marvel comic book series (2018) 1.833 billion dollars 1.671 billion dollars 1.663 billion dollars

How Much Will Smith makes per movie?

Will made $20 – $30 million each film during the height of his success in the 2000s. Netflix has paid him large single-film payments in recent years. He is said to have made $20 million for the Netflix film “Bright” in 2017 and $35 million for the sequel.

Who is the highest paid YouTuber?

YouTube Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) was expected to be the top-earning YouTuber in the world in 2021, with earnings of almost 54 million US dollars. Jake Paul came in second, with an estimated earnings of 45 million dollars in the previous year.

Why does I Am Legend have two endings?

Unfortunately, as I Am Legend director Francis Lawrence stated, the ending was altered to the joyful one shown in cinemas owing to very negative responses from test audiences to the conclusion when Neville realizes he is a villain.

Why is it called I Am Legend?

What exactly does the title imply? The title is a play on Robert Neville’s favorite album, Bob Marley’s “Legend.” Neville compares his quest to discover a treatment for the Krippin Virus to Bob Marley’s aim to eradicate prejudice and hatred through music and love.

Who is Will Smiths wife?

Jada Pinkett Smith was born in the year 1997. 1992–1995 Sheree Zampinom

Is Will Smith making a new movie?

Emancipation, an Antoine Fuqua-directed film in which Smith plays an escaped slave, was meant to come on Apple TV+ in time for the 2022 awards season, according to Variety.

Who will be in I Am Legend 2?

Michael B. Jordan is an American actor.

How Tall Is Will Smith?

6′ 2″ Height of Will Smith

Does Will Smith have kids?

Jaden Smith is a young American actor. Willow Smith is a character in the film Willow Smith Trey Smith is a player that plays in the NFL.

Who’s Will Smith ex wife?

Sheree Zampino is a model and actress. Ex-husband Will Smith

Will smith daughter?

Willow Smith is a character in the film Willow Smith Will Smith/WillowWillowWillowWillowWillowWillowWil Willow is the stage name of Camille Reign Smith, an American singer and actress. She is the daughter of stars Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, and she has won several awards, including a Wikipedia entry.

Did Jaden and Tyler date?

Tyler, the Creator, an American rapper, is Jaden Smith’s lover, according to him. Last week, the two singers made news when Jaden disclosed at a performance that he and Tyler were dating.


Will Smith is an American actor, film producer, and rapper. He has starred in numerous blockbuster films. His most successful movies are the “Men In Black” trilogy, “Independence Day,” and the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy.”

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