Where Was The Hannah Montana Movie Filmed?

Filming. In Columbia, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California, filming started in April 2008. It began filming in May 2008 and finished in July 2008. The Forum, where the event took place, Franklin High School, and Santa Monica Beach were all included in the opening scenes of the movie.

Similarly, Where is the Hannah Montana movie house located?

Broad Beach Road, Malibu, 30760

Also, it is asked, Is Crowley Corners a real place?

based on the Disney Channel TV show both in the vicinity of Nashville, Tennessee, and in Los Angeles. On the historic town square of Columbia, Tennessee, a replica of the fictitious village of Crowley Corners was built.

Secondly, Where did Miley go in the Hannah Montana movie?

Miley understands that Lilly was really angry since they had done everything together and Miley hadn’t invited Lilly to accompany her to Paris. The two then decide to go to Paris together after Miley requests Lilly’s company.

Also, Can you stay in the Hannah Montana house?

The home is available for rent and is posted on Malibu Luxury Vacation Homes! But you’ll pay a big price for it. There are eight bathrooms and seven bedrooms in the residence.

People also ask, Where does Miley Cyrus live in Franklin Tennessee?

The 33-acre+ property is situated at 242 Arrowhead Road, approximately five miles geographically northwest of downtown Franklin (see here courtesy of Google Maps)

Related Questions and Answers

What town does Billy Ray Cyrus live in?

Billy Ray Cyrus resides in Nashville, Tennessee, the birthplace of country music. The 1,200 square foot house that Billy and his wife Tish purchased has grown to 3,000 square feet and five bedrooms.

Why did Oliver leave Hannah Montana?

Oliver Oken, played by Mitchel Musso, moves out of the main cast this season to become a recurring character as Musso gears up for the Disney XD series Pair of Kings.

Where was the pier filmed?

Tour of the Pier Filming Locations in Valencia, Spain.

Was Hannah Montana filmed in front of a live audience?

Filming. On Thursdays and Fridays, a live studio audience saw Hannah Montana while it was being filmed at Sunset Bronson Studios.

Where is Diagnosis Murder beach house?

Diagnosis Murder often features Mark Sloan’s home starting in Season 3’s first episode. The club gathers here for lunch, informal gatherings, and discussions on the most recent case. Episodes refer to 3231 Beach Drive in Malibu as the address.

What is the statue at Rutledge Falls?

When my family moved into the home at Rutledge Falls in 1953, I was three years old. I was about eight or ten years old when my father and Elmo Roberts, a worker for his Highland Oil Company, erected the enigmatic monument on the cliff above the falls.

Is Rutledge falls open to the public?

Just 12 minutes from Interstate 24 Exit 110, see the breathtaking waterfall. Just a short walk across private property from the parking lot. It is advised to wear closed-toe shoes since the path leading to the falls sometimes becomes slick. From daybreak to sunset.

Did you realize, however, that Parton is Miley’s godmother as a result of her marriage to Billy Ray Cyrus? Parton discussed how working with Cyrus lead to her becoming the celebrity daughter’s godmother in an interview with Just Jenny on SiriusXM.

Despite not having children, Dolly Parton is very close to Miley Cyrus, who is her goddaughter.

Where does Miley Cyrus live at now?

Toronto 2001–2005 Franklin Nashville In Los Angeles

Why isn’t Miley Cyrus mom in Hannah Montana?

Miley was 10 years old when Susan passed away at age 34 from a fatal illness. Miley viewed a video of Susan in “He Could Be The One,” where she said that she probably wouldn’t be there to assist her with male problems.

What was Oliver’s fake name on Hannah Montana?

3 Mike Standley

Where is John Lennon’s house in the film Yesterday?

Suffolk’s Shingle Street is in Woodbridge. SPOILER ALERT: The major plot twist of the film involves Jack visiting John Lennon’s home. And for some reason, the impersonator of John Lennon allows this odd young guy to stay at his home. It turns out that John is an artist who lives at Shingle Beach in Woodbridge, Suffolk, in an other existence.

Where is the Hannah Montana house Tennessee?

The property of Billy Ray Cyrus is situated just east of Columbia Pike on a dead-end lane off Thompson’s Station Road W. On 500 acres of farmland, Miley Cyrus’ home is located. The genuine house of Hannah Montana may be seen in an aerial photograph, although it is not visible from the road.

Can you stay in the Hannah Montana house?

The home is available for rent and is posted on Malibu Luxury Vacation Homes! But you’ll pay a big price for it. There are eight bathrooms and seven bedrooms in the residence.

Where is Mark Sloans house?

Malibu, 3231 Beach Drive


The “where was the hannah montana movie filmed in tennessee” is a question that has been asked by many. The Hannah Montana Movie was filmed in Tennessee, and it was released on May 10th, 2008.

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