Overview of the Drive Multiplier Mayhem Slot Machine

Developer NetEnt is riding the tide of success brought on by blockbuster films like Fast and Furious with their next release, Drive: Multiplier Mayhem. Take to the streets in this hot rod-themed slot machine and rack up multipliers for massive base game prizes and free spins where white-knuckle racing is in full swing. The good news is that you can win without resorting to any unlawful street vehicle modifications (though doing so could help you get the better of certain questionable rivals).

The action is situated in a metropolis, with the translucent grid sitting in front of a futuristic city skyline at night, and it’s powered by a 5-reel, 15-payline game engine. The player’s automobile is parked next to the reels, revving and ready to go. In Drive: Multiplier Mayhem, the player assumes the role of Jette, a tough racer with plenty of attitude, further increasing the game’s sense of immersion. Jette has three foes whom she seems determined to reduce to a fine powder.

Players may enter the fray with wagers ranging from 15 p/c to $/€75 each spin, regardless of whether they’re playing on a mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. The RTP for this game is a magnificent 96.7%, thanks to the medium volatility engine that NetEnt installed. Since winning spins occur on more than one-quarter of all spins (28.72%), players won’t have to wait long for the next payout. The bonus game battle, however, requires a bit more patience since it is only activated every 209 spins. There is more to it than just waiting for the race to start. The primary game is spiced up with a tasty wild multiplier feature.

The paytable incorporates the notion of futuristic racing by separating the lower-paying metallic 9-A royals from the higher-paying characters. In the latter group are Jette, her car, and the three racers known as Twitch, Hamaki, and Bruiser. The minimum payoff for a winning combination is for three of a type, while the maximum reward for five premiums on a payline is between four and ten times the initial wager.

Wild Multiplier Slot Action

NetEnt has padded the game with two more features. One is a straightforward free spins game with multiplier wilds, while the other has four progressive levels that require players to earn bonus spins.

When a Multiplier Wild appears, it multiplies the value of every other symbol it replaces (excluding the scatter and the Nitro symbol). When they stop, the reel they’re on also becomes a multiplier, showing the same value. So, wilds on reels 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 have multipliers of x1, x2, x3, x4, or x5, depending on where they appear. The finest part about them is that their worth increases when more than one is used in a win. For instance, if a multiplier wild appears on reels 2, 4, and 5, the win is increased by a factor of 40.

The scatter, represented by the image of the three silhouetted men, occurs on reels three, two, and one. If you get three at once, you get 10 bonus spins. During free games, the Nitro symbol might appear on reels three, two, and one in the center positions. If a player collects three Nitro symbols, they will advance to the next level. Jette races against a new driver in each of the game’s four stages, with progressively more difficult modifications between them.

Twitch is your opponent in Level 1’s racing, but there are no overlay multiplier wilds.

In Level 2, Hamaki is your racing rival, you receive 4 free spins, and a single overlay multiplier wild appears on the reels.

In the third level, Bruiser is your racing rival, you receive three free spins, and two overlay multiplier wilds join the action.

At Level 4, Bruiser is your racing opponent; you receive 2 free spins; and 3 overlay multiplier wilds show up on the reels.

The reels may have overlay wilds, which act as multipliers and stay in place while shifting places between spins. Once the last level is completed, players must hurry to use up their remaining free spins before the clock runs out.

Slot Machine Multiplier Chaos

The spirit of Fast & Furious’s illicit street racing has been expertly brought to the reels with Drive Multiplier. Wild multipliers appear frequently, like bugs on a car windshield, and increase player excitement at any point in the game. The main action occurs during the free spins, but you may win up to 1,200 times your wager in the regular game as well. The trick is the multipliers, which may become very crazy at times. Although you probably won’t see them on each reel often enough to activate the 120x multiplier, the potential for them to do so is always present.

When free spins are activated, the game is given a significant boost. The results may be delayed, but they may be well worth the wait. For one, the round lingers pleasingly if you collect enough nitro symbols to advance to the final phases of the tournament. Players probably won’t win every single race they compete in, but this might be a good option for the times they do. Despite Drive Multiplier not being the most volatile slot available, the excitement levels rise to dangerous levels. If you’re able to collect enough of the proper symbols throughout the bonus’s final stages, you might earn as much as 5,109 times your initial wager.

NetEnt has crafted a fantastic bundle in which each component contributes to the total, resulting in a smooth, exciting experience. The studio clearly had a great time coming up with the premise, and it shows in the quality of the final product. Speed freaks and those just looking for some excitement will love the game’s two distinct phases, with the free spins turning into a mad dash for riches.






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