Is There A Second World War Z Movie?

We break down everything you need to know about the possibility of a second World War Z movie, from the current status of the project to what the cast has said about it.

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Yes, a second World War Z movie is currently in development. The first film, which was released in 2013, was a box office success, grossing over $540 million. The sequel will once again follow the story of United Nations employee Gerry Lane (played by Brad Pitt), as he tries to prevent a global pandemic.

The film will be directed by David Fincher, who previously worked with Pitt on 2007’s “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” shooting is set to begin in early 2019.

What is the movie World War Z about?

The movie World War Z is about a group of scientists who are trying to find a cure for a virus that is turning people into zombies. The movie follows their journey as they try to find the origin of the virus and stop it from spreading.

Why was a second World War Z movie not made?

It has been five years since the release of the first World War Z movie, and fans are still wondering why a sequel has not been made. The movie, based on the novel by Max Brooks, was a critical and commercial success, grossing over $500 million at the box office. So, what happened?

There are a few theories. One is that the movie’s success was a fluke; that it was released at the right time and caught people’s attention in a way that a sequel would not. Another theory is that the novel is too dense and complicated to be adapted into another film. Finally, it is possible that Paramount Pictures, the studio behind the film, is not confident in its ability to make another successful movie.

Whatever the reason, it seems unlikely that we will see a second World War Z movie anytime soon.

What are the possible reasons for a second World War Z movie not being made?

There have been many rumors about a second World War Z movie, but so far nothing has been confirmed. There are a few possible reasons for this:

1) The first movie was not very successful. Although it grossed over $500 million dollars worldwide, it was still considered a box office disappointment. This could discourage producers from investing in a sequel.

2) The source material for the first movie was vastly different from the book it was based on. This led to many changes being made to the story, which could make it difficult to produce a sequel that would please both fans of the book and fans of the movie.

3) Brad Pitt, who starred in and produced the first movie, has said that he is not interested in making a sequel. Without Pitt’s involvement, it would be difficult to get a second movie off the ground.

4) The ending of the first movie leaves very little room for a sequel. Although there have been some ideas floated around about what could happen in a second movie, it’s possible that the filmmakers simply can’t come up with a story that is compelling enough to warrant another film.

Only time will tell if there will eventually be a second World War Z movie. For now, fans will just have to be content with watching the first one again (and again and again).

Will there ever be a second World War Z movie?

It’s been seven years since Brad Pitt’s World War Z hit theaters, and fans are still wondering if there will ever be a sequel. The movie was a box office success, grossing $540 million worldwide, but it wasn’t without its problems. The production was plagued by creative differences and behind-the-scenes drama, which led to a very different movie than what was originally intended.

Pitt has said that he would be interested in making a sequel, but only if the script is good enough. “I wouldn’t do it unless we could really do it right,” he told The Daily Beast. “Anyone can come up with a sequel that just coasts on what you’ve done before, but I don’t think that interests anyone, least of all me.”

There has been talk of a second World War Z movie for years, but it doesn’t seem like anything is concrete just yet. For now, fans will have to content themselves with the original movie – flaws and all.


No, at the moment it does not look like there will be a second World War Z movie.

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