Is Riot Venoms Son In The Movie?

We all know that the movie Venom is based on the popular Marvel comic book character of the same name. But did you know that the character of Venom actually has a son in the comics? And that some fans are wondering if this son will make an appearance in the upcoming Venom movie!

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Riot Venoms son is not in the movie.

What is Riot Venom?

Riot Venom is a character in the movie Transformers: The Last Knight. He is a black and red Transformer who turns into a dragon. Venom is one of the many Decepticons who serve Megatron. He first appears in the movie when he and other Decepticons attack a military base in order to steal some weapons. later on, he and the other Decepticons battle the Autobots in London.

Who is Riot Venom’s son?

Riot Venoms son is not in the movie.

Why is Riot Venom’s son in the movie?

It’s unclear why Riot Venom’s son is in the movie. Some have speculated that he was intended to be a tie-in to the character’s comic book origin story, which saw him born with his father’s symbiote power. However, this was never confirmed by the filmmakers.

How did Riot Venom’s son get in the movie?

Riot Venom’s son is in the movie because he was born with superpowers. His parents gave him up for adoption because they were afraid of what would happen if people found out about him. When he was adopted, his new family didn’t know about his powers, so they didn’t tell him either. He only found out when he was older and started using his powers to help people.

What does Riot Venom’s son do in the movie?

Riot Venom’s son does not appear in the movie.

What is the movie about?

Riot Venoms son is not in the movie. The movie is about a snake that is seeking revenge for the death of his mate.

What is the movie’s rating?

The movie’s rating is PG-13.

What are the movie’s reviews?

The movie has not been released yet, so there are no reviews available.


It is safe to say that Riot Venoms son is not in the movie.

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