Is Kickass a Marvel Movie?

We all know that Marvel movies are awesome. But what about Kickass? Is it a Marvel movie? Let’s find out!

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Kickass is a Marvel movie, based on the popular comic book series of the same name. The movie follows the story of young vigilante Kick-Ass, played by Aaron Johnson, as he takes on the criminal underworld of New York City.

What is Kickass?

Kickass is a superhero movie that was released in 2010. The movie is based on the comic book series of the same name, which was created by Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.

Kickass and the Marvel Universe

Marvel Studios is an American motion picture studio based at The Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California. The studio is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, itself a wholly owned division of The Walt Disney Company, with producer Kevin Feige serving as president.

The studio has produced or co-produced twenty-three films since 2008 within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from Iron Man (2008) to Captain Marvel (2019). It has earned over $22.5 billion at the global box office and was ranked as the second highest-grossing film studio of 2018, behind only its parent company.

So is Kickass a Marvel movie? While the answer may be “no” for now, there’s always a possibility that could change in the future.

The Kickass Movie

There is some confusion over whether or not the Kickass movie is a Marvel movie. While the character of Kickass does appear in some Marvel comics, the movie is not set in the Marvel Universe.

The Characters of Kickass

The Characters of Kickass

Kickass is a Marvel movie that was released in 2010. The movie is based on the comic book series of the same name. The main character in the movie is Dave Lizewski, who is a high school student. Dave becomes a vigilante after he is inspired by superhero comics. He takes on the name Kick-Ass and starts fighting crime in New York City.

There are several other characters in the movie, including:

-Hit Girl: A young girl who is trained to be a vigilante by her father, Big Daddy. She is one of the main characters in the movie and helps Kick-Ass fight crime.

-Red Mist: A young man who also becomes a vigilante. He is Kick-Ass’ partner and friend. Red Mist later changes his name to The Motherfucker.

-Big Daddy: Hit Girl’s father and trainer. He is a former police officer who becomes a vigilante to fight crime and avenge his wife’s death.

-The Evil Russians: A group of criminals who are antagonists in the movie. They are led by Vasily Karpov, who is also known as The Laughing Man.

The Plot of Kickass

Kickass is a 2010 British-American superhero film based on the comic book of the same name by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr. The film was directed by Matthew Vaughn, who co-produced with Brad Pitt, and produced by Kris Thykier. Aaron Johnson stars as Dave Lizewski / Kick-Ass, a teenager who sets out to become a real-life superhero, joining forces with Batwoman (played by Lyndsy Fonseca). Chloë Grace Moretz plays Hit Girl, a young vigilante trained by Big Daddy (played by Nicolas Cage) to fight crime.

The Action in Kickass

The action in Kickass is non-stop. The movie is full of fight scenes and car chases. The violence is over the top, but it is also very stylized. This is not a realistic portrayal of violence, but it is still very entertaining.

The Setting of Kickass

The setting of Kickass is primarily New York City. The city is home to a number of superheroes, including Spider-Man, Daredevil, and the X-Men. While the movie is based on a Marvel Comics property, it is not part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Costumes in Kickass

While the costumes in the movie are not exact replicas of the comic book versions, they are similar enough to be easily recognizable. The costumes in Kickass are more colorful and less detailed than in the comic book, but they still capture the feel of the source material.

The movie deviates from the comics in several other ways, but it remains true to the spirit of Kickass. In particular, the movie is much more violent than the comics, but this violence is integral to the story and is not gratuitous.

The Conclusion

No, Kickass is not a Marvel movie.

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